7 Great Ways To Boost Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant

getting pregnant photoMost people think that conceiving is easy and no much effort is needed. Not until, they wait year after year without a baby, and they realize they need help. Usually, medical procedures are not necessary but some knowledge on how to boost the odds of getting pregnant come in handy.

The following 7 great tips will assist you to increase your chances of conceiving:


Lack of essential Vitamins in the body will reduce your fertility levels. Boost your Vitamin intake with supplements prior to conception. Your male partner should also eat meals high in zinc to aid in sperm production.


No doubt, every woman should know her ovulation cycle very well. Having intercourse during your fertile days will almost assure you of conception. The peak time being 2 -3 days prior to ovulation. During this period, do have more and more sex. You can easily get to know your fertile days by the use of Ovulation kit readily available in your local pharmacy.


Most vaginal lubricants used by women will affect the mobility of the sperms and/or kill them. They will prevent the sperms from reaching the uterus and your ability to conceive is greatly reduced. If you must use them, be keen to purchase lubricants that can maintain the PH of the sperm.


Too much alcohol does lower fertility levels. Smoking will also hinder the proper functioning of body organs thereby reducing your probability to conceive.


The missionary position would be ideal to ease conceiving. The sperm will travel a short distance to fertilize the egg since the thrust is closer to the cervix. More sex positions here


Relax, be patient and enjoy intercourse. Stress will lower your chances of getting a baby and maintaining a positive attitude really helps.


To boost your odds of getting pregnant, do eat healthy foods, practice regular but light exercises and maintain an ideal body weight. Please take note that vigorous exercises are also not recommended. Caffeinated and unhealthy drinks will also lower your chances of conception.

These great tips along with love, affection and contentment will ultimately lead to conception sooner than you thought.