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Sex positions to get pregnant

Sex Positions to Get pregnant imageApart from sex being an act of pleasure between couples, it is also a means of procreation. When you really think of getting pregnant, you have to first know the mostly likely day you are fertile. This time of fertility is usually termed as ovulation; it is that phase of a female’s menstrual cycle when the egg travels down the fallopian tube from the ovary and be available for fertilization by a male sperm.

Besides this, you also have to know the best sex positions to get pregnant first. The essence is to find the best position that can give a deeper penetration and assist you to conceive. A position that can give maximum orgasm should also be considered as this helps to enhance a woman’s contractions in the reproductive tract. In turn it facilitates the fast movement of the sperm to the cervix.

The following sex positions are the best known for increasing the chances of pregnancy:-

Missionary position

Missionary method – in this position, the woman lies down on her back and the man mounts on top of her. The pelvic of the woman in this position is tilted upwards and this helps the flow of the sperms towards the cervix and hence increasing the chance of conception. The man also has the chance to enhance deeper penetration and hence depositing the sperm further deeper into the cervix. For an extra elevation, a pillow can be put just below the woman’s hip.


Doggy style – In this style, the man makes penetration from the rear, the woman goes on her knees facing away from her partner. This style has variations as the woman can tilt from supporting her body with her hands to having her face down against a pillow. This style gives a deeper penetration and helps the sperm to be deposited closer to the cervix.

Glowing triangle – this method is almost similar to the missionary; the difference is that the man is in all fours with his legs extended out. This leaves enough room for the woman to move her pelvis back and forth towards his penis. This position allows good penetration.

Well, it should be remembered that there is no official research identified to prove which methods are the best. But what we are looking for are just best positions that give the deepest penetration possible to boost the chances of the sperm reaching the cervix as much as possible leading to conception.

Discover in the video below, the best sex positions to get pregnant fast. Marc Sklar, a fertility expert gives the positions that can help to conceive faster.

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